Zero down payment with the flexibility to pay as you go (for our monthly packaged websites).


We work with WordPress and WooCommerce to build websites which are customised and tailored to your brand.
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Website Service Pricing

You can either choose our monthly packages or contact us for a custom quote for your website which may be more affordable or highly tailored as we customise each estimate to our clients needs.


We’ll take care of all things design including logo designs, UI and UX, graphic design and also print design.
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Branding Service Pricing

Logo, brand style guide or anything else you may need from graphics to print, we can help sort something out for you with out affordable solutions, speak to us and we’ll price you accordingly.


We do Search Engine Optimisation, social media management, content marketing and blog post writing.
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SEO Service Pricing

Whether it’s just a simple Google My Business setup or if you want a monthly priced solution for your blog posts or social media management, we can help you out.


We offer web hosting, email setup, speed optimisation, IT support, video production and consultation services.
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Hosting Service Pricing

High quality, reliable and efficient web hosting packaged tailored to your needs. We can either host and maintain your website or we’ll set you with our partners whom can host your website affordably.

No “One Price Fits All”

Each of our services vary depending on each clients needs and hence there is simply no “one price fits all”. Even our packaged website and hosting prices may vary and be adjusted to suit the requirements of each of our clients so you can save costs where it matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have ownership of the website once project is completed?

100%. Your website is yours to keep and we handover Admin access to our client once the website has been created. For our monthly packaged websites, we keep ownership of the website until the completion of the 12 month term and then it is yours to keep.

How does payment work for one-time and monthly projects?

For one-time projects such as for website creation, we’ll send out a retainer invoice where you’ll pay 50% upfront and the remained paid after before the migration of the site to live domain. For monthly packages, you would pay it monthly and depending on the project, we allow for bank transfer or card payment.

How many revisions do you provide for your services?

We are extremely generous in the amount of revisions we provide as we allow for up to 5 revisions for our website design and branding services where extra changes may be billed for. Although most of the time, our clients are satisfied from the get go and we are happy to adjust where needed and are certainly flexible.

Is domain or web hosting included in the packaged websites?

For our monthly packaged websites, domain and web hosting is included aswell as the set amount of hours for unlimited revisions. The hours cannot be carried over to the next month and must be used in the month its available for. Domain registrations for the monthly packages are made in our account on behalf of the client and is transferred over to the clients registrar of choosing once 12 months is completed or under our discretion.

Is there a contract in place for the monthly packaged website?

Yes, we do have a contract in place that will be mutually agreed with by the client and us so that we’re all on the same page in regarding the website that we create for you.

I like the monthly packages, however I need some additional changes. Is that possible?

If you have special requests such as adding an extra page or special feature etc on your site, we’re more than happy to help you and they will be billed upfront with a one-time payment depending on the request.

How long does it take to build a website?

Website creation really depends on the level of customisation, pages and features you want on your site. Something simple could take a few days whereas something more advanced and requiring automations could take weeks, even months. Most of our websites are delivered in less than 2 weeks however it could truly vary. Other factors to take into consideration include the availability of content and materials provided by the client which could take up more time.

Where is the website built?

Typically the website will be built on our staging domain and then migrated over to the live domain once website creation is confirmed and approved so that your visitors would see the final and ready version.

Hear it from Those We’ve Helped

Read some excellent reviews from our highly satisfied clients – simply because we turn leads into sales
J.Tech offered consultation for my parent’s website. The service and support is just excellent. Would recommend more than any in the industry
Appreciate Joel and his team with the consultation given
Great communication, the only agency that was able to plan and create my website dreams. 100 percent would recommend. Thumbs up
Helped us with website creation for a business site. Was efficient and responsive and managed to get the website created in such a short time frame all according to our budget. Well under our budget as well as we wanted.
Perfect highly professional with lots of talents in to web design. Highly recommended.
He created a excellent website using his amazing creativity. His response is always quick and productive. Handled the project very professionally and finished in very tight timeline.
Excellent service. Very efficient, and good communication. Was easy to deal with and helped me solve a few problems also.
Thank you for making the overwhelming online side of my business stress-free and easy. The ongoing and patient support we continue to receive is priceless!
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